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Socially Responsibly Reliably

Kaargo is your neighborhood trusted community shipping network that connects individuals who want to ship packages to their loved ones with travelers who want to monetize their excess luggage capacity. Say goodbye to exorbitant shipping fees and impersonal courier services – with Kaargo, you can save both money and the environment by utilizing existing travel routes.
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How Does Kaargo Work?


Shipment | Capacity Registration

Shippers register new shipment with Kaargo

Travelers register available excess capacity for their upcoming travel with Kaargo

Match | Due Diligence

Kaargo matches potential Shipper and Traveler on the same route

Kaargo Home facilitates shipment drop-off/pickup and performs due diligence on shipment content.

Kaargo collects shipping fee from Shipper contingent upon successful delivery to it's final destination. Shipping fee is refunded if shipment is not successfully delivered.


Traveler carries the shipment to it's destination city

Shipment recipient (Receiver) picks up the shipment from the Traveler  

Kaargo provides the shipment tracking and status updates throughout it's  shipment journey 

Kaargo pays the Traveler shipment delivery payment upon successful delivery. 

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Where Does Kaargo Operate?

Pilot 2023

Between Bay Area, California and major Indian cities


Scan to join Kaargo Bay Area, California Shipping Network

Route Planning

Want to Bring Kaargo To Your Corridor?

Delivery service

Become a Kaargo Home

When you signup to become a Kaargo home, you become a trust link between the Shipper, Traveler and Receiver.

Your home acts as a due diligence hub for the shipment and as a nearest drop-off and pickup access point for shipper and traveller.

Kaargo Home will receive monthly base fee + X% of shipment transaction per shipment facilitated.

Thanks for submitting!

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