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  • What is Kaargo?
    Kaargo is your neighborhood trusted community shipping network that connects individuals who want to ship packages to their loved ones with travelers who want to monetize their excess luggage capacity. Say goodbye to exorbitant shipping fees and impersonal courier services – with Kaargo, you can save both money and the environment by utilizing existing travel routes. Kaargo is on a mission to revolutionize the way packages travel, prioritizing trust, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Kaargo aims to connect trusted international travelers with excess luggage capacity to individuals who need to ship small items internationally. Often, these individuals find existing shipping options unsuitable for their needs due to cost, delivery times, or lack of trust in the service. We solve this problem by linking these individuals (Shippers) with trustworthy and vetted frequent international travelers who have excess capacity in their luggage. By providing this service at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional shipping methods like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, Kaargo aims to make shipping more accessible to all. The key to achieving this lies in the collaboration of all parties involved in the package transport logistics. The Kaargo community operates as a cohesive team, leveraging collective efforts and operational efficiency. This approach offers several advantages: Minimized Handoffs: The package experiences the least "change of hands," reducing the risk of mishandling and ensuring a smoother and more reliable journey from point A to B. Cost Savings for Shippers: Shippers benefit from cost-effective shipping options, allowing them to send their packages without breaking the bank. Fair Compensation for Travelers: Travelers are fairly compensated for the valuable service they provide by carrying packages on their trips, effectively monetizing their extra luggage capacity. Secure Deliveries for Receivers: Receivers can safely and confidently receive their packages at the destination, knowing that the process is supported by a trustworthy and responsible community of Travelers. Potential for Reciprocal Shipments: In some cases, receivers may even have the opportunity to send something back to the shipper through the return journey of the Traveler, creating a mutually beneficial shipping ecosystem. By fostering collaboration and a sense of shared responsibility among Shippers, Travelers, and Receivers, Kaargo delivers a seamless and cost-effective shipping experience. Through this innovative approach, Kaargo envisions a future where shipping is not just a transaction but a community-driven effort, bringing people together through a shared commitment to efficient and reliable package transport.
  • What is the value proposition for Shippers / Receivers?
    Kaargo offers a unique opportunity for shippers to send care packages internationally in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, all while enjoying significant cost savings of up to 60% compared to using large global shippers that may take longer to deliver. With Kaargo, recipients can expect to receive their valuable packages promptly, as they are delivered by trusted travelers within the Kaargo network. This community driven shipping platform not only facilitates convenient and affordable shipping but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability in the entire shipping process.
  • What is the value proposition for Travelers?
    Kaargo will pay the Traveler X% of shipment transaction per shipment facilitated. Kaargo envisions to empower every traveler to not only earn extra income but also make a positive impact. By allowing travelers who have excess luggage capacity to carry care packages from trusted shippers to their loved ones in distant locations, Kaargo makes what was once a time-consuming and costly process much more convenient and rewarding. With fair compensation, Travelers can now monetize their excess luggage capacity. This community driven shipping network brings together the power of human connection, financial opportunity, and social responsibility, making travel and shipping a truly enriching experience for everyone involved.
  • What are the types of shipments I can do with Kaargo and pricing structure?
    Kaargo offers three categories of shipments: Documents, Bag, and Packages. The cost for each category is determined by the weight and size of the items being shipped. Here is the current pricing structure, outlining what the Shipper pays approximately of which Traveler will receives fair compensation from. Please note that these prices are subject to change based on Kaargo's ongoing assessment of logistics costs and operations. As the logistics landscape evolves, Kaargo will continue to optimize its pricing to ensure fair compensation for Travelers while maintaining affordability and efficiency for Shippers.
  • Have additional questions on how Kaargo operates or other feedback?
    Please contact us at OR submit your request on our contact us page
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